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Slow Fashion Lancaster is a fantasy made real!

Myself and Jane Binnion of The Growing Club CIC (a not-for-profit organisation for women) teamed up to create a two-part event held at Lancaster Town Hall celebrating and showcasing local, sustainable Slow fashion. 


Slow Fashion Lancaster Show 1
Slow Fashion Lancaster Show 2

What is slow fashion? 


Slow fashion is the opposite of everything our modern fashion and textile industry has become. It is personally designed, created with care and durability, all the while putting fairness, sustainability and love to the forefront. (For more details click here).

Slow Fashion Lancaster Show 3

The first part of the event was a marketplace for local sustainable companies, big and small to come together to show their creations to the public with stalls, displays and workshops.

In the evening, we held the catwalk where local designers showed off their incredibly beautiful and stylish designs. Within the amazing Ashton Hall, there was a catwalk for people of all styles, shapes, sizes, ages and genders.  Alongside that, there was dancing, story-telling, music, nibbles and prosecco.

Both of these distinctive events were met with a full turnout and an incredible response all round.

We were extremely proud of the outcome and we are glad to have started something that will hopefully grow and grow. So, If you want to find out more information and keep up to date with upcoming events visit our website here.

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