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We run a wide range of sustainable workshops, teaching beautifully artistic crafts and traditional skills handed down for generations.


My story begins on a sunny doorstep in Rome, all the way back in the ‘60s.  No phones or social media, but I happily sat with my mother learning to knit, embroider, crochet and craft.  She taught me so many of the useful skills I still use today, as mothers and grandmothers had done for countless generations. 

Gabriella Bavone The Artisan Bazaar

My name is Gabriella Bavone.

I'm the founder of The Artisan Bazaar.

Rome crafting on doorstep

Since then I have built up over 40 years of experience as an artist and seamstress, working in the wedding dress industry and studying art. For many years, I also worked in primary schools and social care and I witnessed a complete lack of education on those skills that I have found so crucial throughout my life. 

Back in 2014, I suffered a serious brain aneurysm. This completely made me reevaluate my priorities in life. So, I quit my job and started The Artisan Bazaar. I wanted to share my passion not only for art, fashion and sustainability but also to teach people traditional skills that seem to be at risk of being forgotten.

The Artisan Bazaar aims to explore our creative expression and celebrate the traditional skills that can help us connect with ourselves, our clothes and reduce our impact on our incredible planet. 

The Artisan Bazaar

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